We can show you how to get more from your Java developerment team by switching to Scala


Our team mentors companies in how to adopt Scala into their business to reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage.
We support and upskill our clients' existing in-house Java development teams while they adopt Scala in projects such as:

With our experience of Scala tools, libraries and development techniques, we can help your company successfully adopt Scala.

Why Scala?

"Why should my developers learn and use a new technology? We already have a language that works.."

We were Java engineers, but we adopted Scala to deliver applications more quickly and at lower cost. Scala code on average is about 3 times shorter than the equivalent Java, without losing performance or scalability.

How to Adopt Scala

An experienced Java Developer can begin writing Java-like Scala within one day.

If you develop in Java then you will feel immediately at home with Scala. You can use the same libraries and IDE, the way you package jars and wars is the same and your runtime environment is also the same.

Read Google's Review of Scala

Google compares the performance of Java, Scala, Go, C++ in this
free whitepaper

Scala beats Java on runtime, and it had a smaller code size and a smaller memory footprint. "Scala['s] concise notation and powerful language features allowed for the best optimization of code complexity,".